Sales Capability Profiles

Sales Capability Profiles

In many organisations everything starts with making a sale. In these instances, if there are no sales there is no business, so it is absolutely crucial to recruit and retain highly effective sales people.

At Highland Group we have decades of sales management experience across multiple industries. And we have long been intrigued by the reality that top sales people often have so little in common, yet share certain indefinable characteristics that play a major role in their success.

In addition to managing sales people, we have extensive experience, and training, in the use of behavioral profiling tools to assist with the recruitment, selection, and development of sales people. But we always had to use a combination of assessments in this, and even then never found a profiling tool that could identify that special essence of sales superstars. So we set out to develop our own highly targeted sales assessment, and believe that it truly is the world’s most effective predictor of sales performance.

Our system is called the Highland Sales Capability Profile (SCP)™, and we will be continually publishing case studies and industry analysis as increasing numbers of assessments, and real world sale performance results, become available for analysis.

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